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SONY SRS-XB21 - Fabric Cover Removal + Soundtest

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Sony XB-21 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Aesthetically Pleasing?

This is the Sony XB-21 Portable Bluetooth Speaker…. Huh. That feels a little too familiar. Whatever, this is a speaker small enough to grip in your hand, but is it worth your money? Your time? And its party… features? That’s what we’re trying to find out. Let’s get started.

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Straight out of the box you have the speaker itself, a bunch of useless pamphlets with fonts sized for ants, and a micro usb to usb charging cable. Charging brick not supplied. The speaker itself has this nice knitted look to it. The texture is as you would expect. Knitted. The back is curved, to I’m assuming make it easier to hold and there is a plastic feeling back that stretches across the entire top of the front and bottom of the speaker. On the back there is a little flap that hides the charging port, audio port, reset button, wps button, and a pair speaker button. The top houses an nfc reader, play pause button, volume control and power button that doubles as a Bluetooth pairing button. It’s rated to be IP67 which means it’s water and dustproof.

Now onto some things I like about the speaker, as you’ve probably seen from all the B-roll already, this speaker has lights on the top and bottom to give it this nice glow and is the perfect size to fit in your hand or for travel. I personally like that and think it looks nice especially for my one man, late at night rave shows, ya know? It makes a great glowstick. When you pair the speaker to your smartphone for the first time, you actually get a notification pop up that asks you to download Sony’s music center app. I’d recommend that because the app gives you way more features with this speaker like lighting effects, custom sound profiles and party booster. I’ll give you more details on that last one.. in a bit. The battery button is a good feature, because when you’re partying you need to keep the music going right? Can’t worrying about the battery dying. The Sony speaker will loudly speak your battery level in a robotic voice. Sound is a bit subjective, so I’ll let you decide for yourselves. I know hearing through your own speakers isn’t good enough, so I’ll use a smartphone, the iphone 7+ as a comparison. Anyway, let’s start the sound test.

In my own opinion I think it sounds great for a $100 Bluetooth speaker, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws, for one, while it does have a light that turns on and off, it doesn’t surround the entire speaker instead it’s two small blips on the top and bottom. The color of the light is also not changeable except on the larger xb-31 and xb-41. The app is also still buggy from my last usage of it with the XB-21. The features work, but the app is.. weird. It thinks I have multiple of these speakers when I just have one. And the others can’t be accessed but it just keeps creating them. Just stop… please. The party booster feature is completely unnecessary. It’s a gimmick that I don’t think too many people would use, basically it allows you to use the speaker to play sound effects or different percussion-type instruments, which really, in my opinion takes away from the music rather than adds.

So, overall, what do I think? This is a nice sounding Bluetooth speaker with plenty of bells and whistles, it’s a design upgrade over last year’s XB-20 and with better placed lights and nice feeling material. But it falls a little flat with its app. Other than that, I think it’s a solid buy if you enjoy the design, sound, features, or want to bongo away with the party booster. But if you’re willing to give up all that for a similar sounding, but slightly less pleasing looking speaker, you might want to pick up the Xb-20 instead. You can easily find it for about 50 on the internet.

Anyway guys, what do you think? Worth your 100 dollars? Tell me in the comment section below, if you found this video enjoyable or useful, give it a thumb up, and don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this, I’ll see you guys next time.

Sony SRS XB22 vs XB21 Sound Battle

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