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im finally making a school in bloxburg

Use starcode ⭐ anix ⭐ when purchasing Robux or Premium to support me!\r
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Question: Can you build my house?\r
Answer: Sorry, but I do not build for others, I don't have much time.\r
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Answer: Sorry, but I only add close friends or family on ROBLOX.\r
Question: Are you a boy or girl?\r
Answer: BOY
Anix : sorry if im awkward/quiet in this video, first time talking to myself LOL
Leahリア : And everyone thought he was a cute anime girl
doki : bruh- why does anix literally have such a soft and satisfying voice (IM NOT A WERIDO SORRY) edit omg tysmm for 300 likes lol thats crazy WOW 1k LIKES WHAT
KindaDrippy : No one:
Literally no one:
Not even god him self:
Anix: now I can trap students in my school and force them to learn.... wait that's what school is
Mami Chula : “Hello everyone, and this is your Daily Dose of Internet.”

MARPOL Annex 1

This video contains important information which can be used for all kind of exams such as DNS, BSc Nautical Science, 2nd Mate written, 2nd Mate orals \u0026 other competency examinations as well.

Intoduction to Annex 1, Causes of oil pollution, Effects of oil pollution, Special Areas, Discharge criteria, Oil Record Book, SOPEP, IOPPC are all explained in detail in this video.

The affirmed objective of MARPOL Annex 1, which entered into force on 2nd October 1983, is to protect the marine environment through the complete elimination of pollution by oil and other damaging elements and to lessen the chances of accidental discharge of any such elements.

Watch video on MARPOL Annex 2 in detail :

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Vansh Saini : if someone asks me annex 1 in an interview, will I be hired if I say the important points of this presentation?? thank you for the explanatiion btw
Mariknows.Int'l : very helpful video :) thanks I hope that you will make another videos for annex iii and all of the remaining annexes of Marpol :)
Doris Ulloa : please, make of the others conventions!! this is so helpfull....
Геннадий Ольховский : Yeah, it's so helpful. Can you share the presentation? Please)
ebbs36_679 : love your work bro!!

"Annex" by Rob Kolar & Jason Jones. Performed by Tamara Yajia - The Detour (TBS)

some girl want gold
some girl want oil
some girl want timber
to those I say niet
it's a deep water four season port
that make me wet
so wet
ukraine we did annex
then we come for czech
moldova annex
poland annex
maybe you be next

ukraine we did annex
then we come for czech
georgia annex
nah train wreck


do you say annex
i say yes

do you hear me knocking
Putin's at your door

do you say annex
i say yes
Liz Evans : This song has been stuck in my head for weeks.
Enlightened One : Who is here after watching the latest season of The Detour....
mai song : i can't stop listening to this
Wooshy IsHere : I have no clue what the hell this is but it's now stuck in my head
Marat Ismagilov : Это лучшее что я слышал из пародийных песенок в этом году))) И эпизод 5 шикарный вышел)




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